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8021SI Juicer

Centrifugal Juicer

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  • 41% of reviewers rate this juicer favorably.

  • I bought this unit the other day and I love it! For the money its a great unit.

  • I just turned this product on for the first time and I heard lots of noise and plenty of smoke! It never worked for me, so I had to return it.

  • The biggest negative is clean-up after I use my juicer. The juicer has to be disassembled quickly and thoroughly cleaned before the pulp starts to dry out.

  • While the juice is very good. It is not user friendly as it is very hard to remove the strainer from the base to clean it. You must clean it and the parts immediately or at least soak them in warm soapy water while you drink your juice as it hardens rather quickly.

  • Just unpacked the juicer this morning and tried it for the first time. I am very happy with my purchase.

  • Very poor juicing all around, pulp left over had tons of moisture which means you're using way more (expensive) produce to get the same amount of juice.

  • I juiced only two apples and found that the pulp was not completely processed (there were solid chunks of apple still remaining) and the pulp still had a great amount of juice.

  • I was juicing apples and celery and it was a disaster. I peeled the apples and chopped them before sending them through and once again, there were big pieces that made it through the pulp collector. I juiced the celery and it clogged the spout so there was back up and juice shooting everywhere.

  • I loved the price. Easy clean up and I will use the pulp in various things I make. No complaints at this point.

  • It has a handful of nice features, and is probably good for doing an apple or two, rather than 10 or 15. But I'm disappointed by its performance in this case.

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