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  • 100% of reviewers rate this juicer favorably.

  • Overall this juicer is a very good product for a family of two regardless of the above mentioned flows. But it may be small and slow for a big family that wants to enjoy juice daily.

  • The J8003 Masticating Juicer is excellent. I obtain excellent juices of parsley, cilantro and other vegetables difficult to juice. It is very easy to clean and assemble.

  • After washing all the parts, reading the instructions, putting it together, plugging it in? It was completely dead, it had no power at all.

  • This juicer is great! I was afraid that I might not use it enough to justify the purchase, but have grown fond of apple/celery/carrot/fresh ginger combinations. Makes great frozen desserts…

  • After having this product for a month now and using it on a daily basis I don't regret purchasing the Omega J8003 Juicer. The quality of the juice extracted is more vibrant and I think tastes better compared to the centrifugal juicers.

  • Other reviews I read comment on how slow the machine is...well that's because it's taken it's time to get all of the juice out. The easy cleanup makes up for the speed, which is not that slow.

  • I use it every day for juicing, I am very pleased with it's performance.

  • This is my favorite appliance. I thought I would only use it for juicing, and for that alone it is awesome. It's quiet, efficient, easy to use, and easy to clean. Simply put, this is a great juicer.

  • The Omega 8000 series is simply the best and better than all the rest. I've owned them all and this one cleans up more easily, does more things, and does it all so well.

  • This juicer is a dream come true. Works great, not noisy, clean-up is a breeze. I think my favorite part of using this juicer is the clean-up.

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