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  • 48% of reviewers rate this juicer favorably.

  • I have had this juicer for about a year now, and feel that it is worth it. Honestly, it is not that hard to clean up. It seems durable enough when used (average at least 2-3 times a week), and so far no problems.

  • This is my first juicer and overall I am satisfied. There is enough juice extracted that I am not upset about wasting money. I understood going into this that there is clean up involved. But the whole things usually only takes about 5-7 minutes.

  • After 3 weeks the motor died and I assumed that I would get satisfaction from the life time warranty they advertised. Upon reading the fine I discovered it was very misleading. In order to enforce the warranty you must pack the juicer and ship it across country at your expense.

  • I juiced my carrots and the machine clogged up and the motor stopped (from literally 5 carrots!) The next time the apple skin clogged the machine and again it stopped.

  • I was given this Power Juicer for Christmas. I used this everyday. The beginning of April, the motor burnt out. I only juiced what the book said I could juice.

  • I wish I had researched juicers before I blindly followed someone's advice to buy this. Why anyone would waste their money I don't know.

  • I've had this juicer for 2 1/2 years and never had a problem with it. It dissembles easily enough (I think 5 pieces?) and takes about 5 minutes to clean from completely dirty to clean.

  • My unit started leaking horribly after only a few uses. More juice now leaks out the sides than comes out of the spigot. Waste of money.

  • Buyer Beware! Biggest rip off on the market. Yes lifetime warranty- Ours broke after one use and they will send out a new part for 30 dollars. That is not lifetime, only if your life lasts 60 days. After 60 or 90 days it is going to cost you more money.

  • Some fruits need to be cut to fit, others need to be peeled, and some you need to remove the seed, but other than that this is a wonderful appliance to have in your home if you are considering juicing.

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