Hamilton Beach 96700 Review

Hamilton Beach 96700

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Hamilton Beach 96700 Hamilton Beach
96700 Juicer

Citrus Juicer

MSRP: $429
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Juicer Highlights »

  • Unit comes standard with 3 reinforced reamer sizes - a small one for juicing lemons and limes, a medium one for oranges, and a larger one for grapefruit.

  • Extra-Tall Open Spout: Juice spout is a full 8.5" from the counter to allow juicing into a variety of containers, from single serving glasses to large pitchers and storage containers.

  • Metal housing with acid-resistant finish, extra-large stainless steel container, and durable strainer and reamers are built for heavy-duty performance.

  • The 96700 has a very low center of gravity, making it stable on a variety of surfaces.

  • Quiet Motor: With an exceptionally quiet motor, the 96700 is a welcome addition to any establishment.

Juicer Specs »

BrandHamilton Beach
NameHamilton Beach 96700
Juices FruitsNo
Juices VegetablesNo
Juices Citrus FruitsYes
Juices Wheatgrass & Leafy GreensNo
Processes or Homogenizes FoodsNo
Body HousingStainless Steel
Power300 Watts
Speed Levels1
Continuous Pulp EjectionNo
Motor Limited Warranty2 Years
Appliance Limited Warranty2 Years

Hamilton Beach 96700 Juicer

Hamilton Beach 96700 Ratings » BestAverage Fair

Purchase Price
MSRP$429 Based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, this juicer is more expensive than average and is priced in the top 6% of juicers.
Premium Features
Premium Features1 When compared to other juicers, this appliance has less premium features than average and ranks in the bottom 12% of juicers.
Higher Power  The motor has less power than your average juicer, but should perform a sufficient job on most foods that it's designed for.
Multiple Speeds  Equipped with just one speed setting, which is adequate for most juicing applications, and standard on most masticating juicers.
Large Feed Tube  Citrus juicers are not equipped with feed tubes. Fruits are simply cut in half and pressed against the reamer.
Pulp Ejection  Citrus juicers are not designed with pulp ejectors. Each halved fruit is manually discarded after the reamer has pressed out the juice.
Steel Housing The outer juicer housing is made entirely of steel, or steel with durable plastic. These materials will help protect your juicer and extend it's useful life.
Motor Warranty2 Years When compared to other juicers, this appliance has an average limited motor warranty. The motor warranty is a good indicator of motor durability.
Appliance Warranty2 Years This juicer has an average limited appliance warranty. Again, the warranty is a good indicator of overall durability.
User Reviews
User Reviews
Star Rating
5 User reviews, ratings, and feedback indicates that this juicer is rated higher than average by 2 users and ranks in the top 3% of juicers.

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