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Green Star GS-3000

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Green Star GS-3000 Green Star
GS-3000 Juicer

Twin Gear Juicer

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  • 77% of reviewers rate this juicer favorably.

  • I was not disappointed with this juicer. Very happy with it.

  • It can do everything and I have only just begun using it. The vegetable juice even seems to taste better then the juice high speed juicers make.

  • I have to say for the money the GS was a faithful worker but terrible to clean.

  • The green star is tough as nails, produces more juice volume than pulp volume, and the quality of the juice is phenomenal. Plus it's shockingly quiet…

  • This did everything that the websites and consumer reports said it would. Truly a wonderful item that every kitchen should have.

  • Greatest juicer for the money on the market BUT it won't do tomatoes! The seeds jam the filter and kaput on the tomatoe juice! Otherwise, the juicer is superb and built like a rock.

  • The juice tastes very good. I drink the juice immediately so I don't know about storing it, etc. Clean up takes a little longer but is very easy…

  • We love our machine. We love having the best possible product coming out of our machine. The only drawback, and it is a slight one, it that the machine does take a few minutes to clean, and should be cleaned immediately after use.

  • I'm a big fan of the Green Star 3000. It was easy to set up and use straight out of the box! The best thing about this juicer is the juice that comes out of it. It's never heated up and always tastes fresh.

  • In addition, it is extremely big and heavy and the attachments look "cheaply made" for the price.

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