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Acme 5001 Acme
Juicerator 5001

Centrifugal Juicer

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  • 89% of reviewers rate this juicer favorably.

  • Inexpensive & works reasonably well...Greens like Kale & Chards are great to use with this juicer.

  • Lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts...It juices everything well, except greens. Some greens do fine in it, like Kale and Swiss Chard but something like parsley is a no go. Oh, and it is easy to clean since it uses filters and I've never once had to have it repaired...

  • What a work horse!...Always was somewhat noisy and a bit of a pain to clean, but you get used to that quickly. It holds a lot of pulp between cleanings and a kitchen brush makes a quick job of it.

  • Reliable old workhorse...Moderately noisy and a hassle to clean, but it is an incredibly reliable workhorse that just keeps on going. Built like a tank.

  • Solid build, not hassle free…I agree it is well-built and sturdy. my main complaint is the filter sheets. You have to use these filter sheets (which are bleached) on it. Once they start getting covered with pulp, you get less juice out of the machine…

  • It powers through about anything you stuff in it, and it's heavy and stays where you put it. Yes, it's a bit noisy…

  • Great tasting juice...This machine has no trouble juicing hard fruits and vegetables. It does get off balance when trying to juice softer fruits and vegetables. I wish it was easier to clean. I tried the juice filters, and they cause the juicer to become off balance a lot easier...

  • Acme set the standard for juicers...It is rock-solid and has never needed any part repaired or replaced. On the down side, it is heavy, bulky, a bit noisy.

  • Strong, dependable, great value...It works great, it's easy to use, and to clean. I highly recommend it…

  • The strong motor and stainless steel disc blades powers through whatever I put in it, and the fresh juice is fabulous.

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