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  • 89% of reviewers rate this juicer favorably.

  • You will love it. It makes no mess and it makes juicing so easy you can simply decide to have a glass of juice, without it being a big deal.

  • I have to say that since I'm only juicing for myself that I'm very satisfied with the product!

  • Let me start by saying that I love this little machine. It's a great workhorse and gets the job done. No pulp, just pure fresh juice. I love everything about it and the clean up part is easy.

  • The Acme juicer is the best one you can buy for personal use. I finally bought one after many years of wanting one, but unable to afford it. This juicer is very durable, and I often recommend it to others.

  • Will never use anything but an Acme 6001 for my general juice needs now. But one warning - they are a little pain to clean.

  • Total assembly of the stainless steel basket, outer container, cutting disc and lid is extremely easy and fast compared to so many newer generation juicers. Just a classic design that truly hasn't been improved.

  • The 6001 makes fantastic quality juice, without the pulp. I can't stand much pulp, nor can I stand fruits & veggies in general.

  • If you hate eating your fruits & vegetables, then this product is probably one of the best ways to get essential living nutrients in 20 minutes per day.

  • Quickly turns fruit and veggies into juice, relatively quiet, simple to clean when using a filter, many very good recipes available online.

  • On the down side, it is heavy, bulky, a bit noisy.

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